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Manufacturer of steel construction meshes

Perfopol is one of the largest producers of steel structural elements in Europe. The wide range of our Polish company is very popular on the international market, and elements such as woven nets are used in a wide variety of industries. Steel products are made of high-quality reinforced steel that resists rust as well as strong acids. In our extensive offer you will find not only elements such as the already mentioned woven nets, but also a wide selection of steel screens, profiles, platforms or ladder rungs. We make perforated sheets for special orders, and customers ordering them can choose the perforation pattern themselves. We have many modern machines, which are characterized by high functionality and processing power, thanks to which we can guarantee you quick realization of even large orders. We also manufacture steel constructions on special order, which are made of bent and welded steel pipes.

Adres www: www.perfopol.com

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