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Expanded metal for industry
brak zdjęcia

Perfopol Company is a leader in steel sheets manufaction. For almost thirty years we have focused on dynamic development in creating best quality of perforated sheets, wire meshes, expanded metal and more. Our experience gives us trust of still increasing amount of customers. Our employees watch to make sure that our technological advancement is on highest possible level, which enables us to expand quality of items. We are constantly looking for improvement. We chasing for the best solutions in creating even better products with more suitable prices. Professionalism and high quality is our goals, and our certificates prove this - the quality certificate ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005. Also we are "Solid Company" in 2014 and the Gazelle of business. For now, our company consists of the production of expanded metal, perforated metal, all kinds of wire meshes and steel structures with professional metalworking - CNC. Modern technical facilities and qualified staff raise the level of advancement.

Adres www: www.zjawiska-ufo.pl

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